Tuesday 20 October 2015

Back From Outer Space {Hello to anyone still reading!}

It has been so long since I have written and published a blog post that I've almost forgotten how it works!  A couple of months ago I had the lightbulb moment I'd been waiting for; I woke up and I missed blogging, missed writing, missed photographing beautiful objects, and missed interacting with online friends who shared their own interests through their portions of the internet.  With this little ache settled in the pit of my belly the only thing to do was to start a fresh notebook (old habits) specifically for ways to revive my blog.  Out poured idea after idea, pages and pages of things I'd like to share.  Kettle boiled and bucket-sized mug of tea brewed, I then opened up my Macbook (I say mine . . . I may have purloined my Mums. Good thing she loves me) went straight to Bloglovin' and spent a couple of hours reading.  It became clear to me quickly that I had been out of the loop for a very, very long time.

Prior to this I hadn't posted since September 2013 and everything seemed to have moved on exponentially since then.  Seeking a little help to get back up to speed I scrolled through some of the recommended reads - quite a few of which seemed crammed with tips on how to blog - and came away feeling completely disillusioned.  The professional blog designs, analytics packages, migration to self hosting, brand collaborations, heavy posting schedule, and social media commitment deemed necessary by each 'how to' in order to blog intimidated the life out of me!  My tea had reached stone-cold status by the time I decided that this brave new blog-world was probably out of my reach; I didn't have time to post daily, the spare cash for a professional blog/web design or the know-how around promoting my blog on social media.  So I gulped my cold tea (grim!) and busied myself making a mess in the kitchen to put the entire thing out of my mind. 

Only I couldn't get the niggle to go away.  Deciding not to make the same mistake twice I skipped anything remotely 'how to blog' in title and instead revisited my old favourites.  Some pages, like mine, were now dormant but others were still going strong and it felt lovely to dip back into the worlds of their respective authors.  Many were still posting along similar lines and others had branched out into new areas and visiting each was so nice - I know 'nice' is such an overused word, and often means underwhelming, but in this case it really was . . . 'nice'.  Pleasant, amusing, heartwarming, inspirational.  I'm not sure how much of a community feel there still is in the blogging world currently, I suppose that is something I will only find out with time but I hope there is still a sense of amity and collaboration.  So now I guess I'm waving 'hello'!  How are you all?!  It has been quite a hiatus here on Beautiful Clutter, so much in life has changed over the past two years and with the coming months it is set to change more.  I've missed you!  I had thought about starting afresh with a completely new blog, but instead I've decided that perhaps I'll let Beautiful Clutter grow and change to reflect how my life has moved on.  So for the moment I'm afraid it's the same old layout, same old style of photography and a potentially sporadic posting schedule; I hope if you're still out there reading that you won't mind that too much!


  1. Nice to see your posting again. You were one of the first few blogs I followed and your lovely posts about teas and places to visit and vintage inspired me to start my own. welcome back. X

  2. Hi Jem. Your tweet was at the top of my Twitter feed when I logged in. Curious, I opened the link to your blog, and I'm so pleased I did. I've ignored my little blog for the last few months and lately that's been niggling me. In the past, I got very frustrated and obsessed with viewing stats and confused by computer language and terminology that was supposed to help me improve my blog. "How to blog" blogs were stopping me from blogging. Not exactly a great help! You've inspired me to get back on the blogging bandwagon, and blog the way I want to without feeling the need to appear clever, be clever or attract a shed load of viewers. Good luck with your blog. Can't wait to read it and admire those gorgeous images. Brigitte x

  3. I'm still reading!!! *hand waving in the air*
    1) love the use of 'purloined; really not used often enough
    2) couldn't agree - the internet is saturated with 'how to blog' style posts... just start writing - that's what we did a-la 2012!

    Glad to have you back xx
    Lisette xx
    Lisette Loves.com

  4. Yay! Welcome back.

    I'm so glad you finally put your moth-balled electronic pen to digital paper. It seems like so long ago we were discussing your return to blogging, yet, finally, here you are.

    Genuinely, all the best with whatever the future holds, and enjoy it. I hope your readers appreciate that, like a pint of Guinness, good things come to those who. . .

  5. nice to see you posting again! you have such a lovely blog!


  6. So happy to see you back. Your posts come into my inbox at work (naughty!) and I was so happy to see a post in my inbox this morning! Welcome back. Things have changed a lot. I can't bare to read all these 'how to blog' posts. Let's go back to 2009 :D xx

  7. Welcome back! I too have been away from blogging for what seems a lifetime and I too 'feel the fear' of blogging again what with all those 'professional' blogs out there :( I long for the good old days!

  8. Has it really been that long? Well, I'm still here and ready to read your Thinks.

    I've heard a few people talking about how they dislike the rise of the competitive, 'pro' aspect of blogging. I'm not keen on the amount of bandwagon jumping myself, with so many people keen to be first with the latest 'news' some blogs feel like one big pile of press releases or promotions. But the enthusiastic, passionate amateurs are still out there.

  9. Jem
    What a welcome return – I am SO glad to see you back as Beautiful Clutter. That feeling of desire to write and blog came over me late last year. (My blog had been abandoned for quite some time, and had become a bit sporadic and lost). This year I set out on reviving what was left - & I somehow ended up falling head over heels in love with writing and pursuing that very desire to write all over again – the truth is it never really left me.
    My blog has become my very own catalogue – and I can relate to what you are saying about blogs changing. I guess it’s only natural that our hobbies, interests and blogs evolve with our ever-changing lifestyles.
    I’m a little lost in the community – I struggle with the social side, I do. It’s hard to promote something that is so personal. I do maintain that blogging is a fantastic way to interact with people with common interests and I know I have made some firm friendships from blogging.
    I am determined to pen a letter to you – I never forgot about you. Just, as usual (life got in the way). I’m sure you can relate so closely Jem. But, I do imagine you are still drinking copious amounts of tea and writing a wonderful tale.
    Here’s to new horizons.
    Alice x x x

  10. Firstly welcome back! Blogging has certainly changed from the early days and I can understand how so many of the blogging how tos are intimidating to anyone who has been out of the loop for so long. Whilst I try and learn from the 'new world' and make changes I'm still a 'hobby blogger' and try and please myself first and hopefully that rings true on the page and therefore for any readers.

    Victoria x

  11. Such a lovely blog! Enjoyed reading it. Thanks for posting this beautiful article!

  12. Yay! I love your posts! I also have ups and downs with my blogs, I abandon them and come back, then abandon again because of the lack of motivation or readers... But the obvious rule should be blogging is pleasure!

  13. Happy New Year Jem! I'm afraid I abandoned mine even longer but had overwhelming urge to write yesterday. Deleting all the spam comments was like pulling dustsheets off furniture in a long locked up house! Need to see if I can maybe give mine a makeover too. Hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  14. Glad you are back Jem we have all missed you x

  15. Hello. So nice to meet you. I stumbled across your blog today and could relate so completely with your thoughts on blogging. I have had my current blog since 2011, but have been sporadic at best over the past couple of years. The current blogging obligations seem so overwhelming. But I'm going to keep on and blog my own way, and I'm glad you have decided to as well. I cherish so many bloggers and love the community.

  16. Hello. So nice to meet you. I stumbled across your blog today and could relate so completely with your thoughts on blogging. I have had my current blog since 2011, but have been sporadic at best over the past couple of years. The current blogging obligations seem so overwhelming. But I'm going to keep on and blog my own way, and I'm glad you have decided to as well. I cherish so many bloggers and love the community.

  17. P.S. I would love to follow by email, but the email link is not working.

  18. Hello Jem. A big Thankyou! I have been off-blog for two years, mostly because I haven't had a laptop at home and can't blog at work. I haven't kept up with following lovely blogs like your either. Reading this post completely serendipitously has jolted me into action, and I feel the blog itch again, if only just for myself to keep a journal. I have a lot of ground to make up, but am on school holidays, so it's now or never really. I echo lots of what you have written, visiting favourites and finding new ones along the way. Really pleased to see Lakota here too.
    Thanks again, and I shall endeavour to keep it up once I get the ball rolling.
    Geraldine x


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