Monday 28 January 2013


Scouting flea markets, charity shops and car boot sales for pretty vintage finds is a treat enough in itself - I can't be the only vintage-hearted soul who actually feels a rush of adrenaline when the game is on (Sherlock reference. Oh how I cannot wait for series three!).  Although occasionally something lovely will drop into my lap purely by chance and this is where the recent acquisitions above come in! A pair of very dainty fans came my way from T's Mum, Andrée, while we were helping her to pack up her house ahead of a move shortly before Christmas - one old and one not so old but both equally eye catching and fluttery. It could just be me, but I find that a sweet little fan opened up and hung on the wall or balanced on a shelf has a similar effect to a vase of pretty flowers in brightening up a room. The pack of bright yellow vintage playing cards were an accidental find on eBay - I was searching for a 1950s style card with a cute deer on the front for a friend and having no luck whatsoever, a little scrolling lead me to these beauties which were due to end in mere minutes. I made a cup of tea (jasmine earl grey if you're interested, delicious and so worth trying) popped in a very cheeky bid and moments later they were mine for the price of a newspaper. Fate!

My horsey teacups are a slightly different story - there is a little café locally where I picked up some casual shifts when we first moved to Derbyshire - tea is served in mismatched vintage china, chairs and tables are chipped but well cared for and the whole place feels like a snuggly country kitchen. I would wash endless teacups, milk jugs and tea plates in one shift there and frequently came across lovely patterns I've since kept a beady eye out for. None bewitched me quite the way a set of hunt-themed teacups did and so I regularly scoured all eight charity shops in town for weeks, seeking some for myself! I'd about given up hope when I ducked into the Salvation Army and one of the lovely volunteers I chat with each time I visit had put by some teacups for when she next spotted me. Out came a Kit-Kat box and inside amongst the tissue paper nestled three horsey teacups complete with three saucers and an extra tea plate all for the bargain price of £2.00. A very happy ending. Two of my greatest loves; horses and teacups, in one!

Did you happen to spot something beautiful, mysterious and brassy in the top photo? That would be  the gigantic brass key sent to me by Lakota in her Christmas swap parcel to me, she could not have chosen better - I have such a thing for old keys and this one although ornamental is a stunner, she knows me well! 

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  1. defintiely agree re: the pretty fans!! they look so pretty wherever you plonk them and its funny how often they crop up in charity shops too. thrifty and sweet can't be beat! lol.

    gorgeous photos as ever - it looks like you're having fun with your new camera! x

  2. Oh I love fans i have one of my very dainty and beautiful great aunts...they take you to a different time

  3. Those tea cups are just gorgeous, you must have been so pleased when you saw them! Perfect!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Oh my goodness, those teacups! They're so pretty :)

  5. I love accidental finds!

    Your fans are stunning. Thanks for linking up x

  6. Scouting for vintage treats is always a good past time of mine. Those teacups are so lovely! I used to volunteer in a charity shop and the painting on them reminded me of a painting we had in the shop window - it soon got sold! That brass key is a lovely gift with the christmas swap!

    Also the 'fancy a brew' mug is ace! I was toying with that in the store but that little squirrel won me over.

  7. I absolutely love these - so pretty!! totally with you on the high you get from arriving at a carboot with the anticipation of what you might find, so exciting :)

  8. That key is just darling isn’t it? Lakota chose so well! There is something so endearing and mysterious about keys, I think for me it’s always been the connection to Alice in Wonderland. Those tea cups are very you indeed – and a girl who loves tea as much as you - can simply never have too many xxx

  9. Just have to get this out there!! SHERLOCK SERIES 3!!! Hurrah.
    Ahem, the playing cards are beautiful, I love the pattern and colour of them, the fans and cups are beautiful too, but the playing cards make my heart flutter a little :)

    My best vintage find is my "Tina" painting by JH Lynch. I waited ages for one to come up on EBay after having no luck elsewhere. She sits on the craft room wall adorned by fairy lights, I think she'd like it! ;) xx

  10. These photos are gorgeous, it is wonderful when beautiful things just seem to make their way to you (although I totally agree that there is nothing more satisfying that getting yourself ready for a solid day of thrifting) xo

  11. You always find the most beautiful things, I'm always very jealous! I also love your photography <3

    Jennie xo |


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