Thursday 2 June 2011


Jem xXx


  1. I love Love in a Cold Climate and anything to do with the Mitford sisters...I recently read the best biography on them, I know there are many, but this one was particularly well written...I can't remember the author's will come to me though and I'll let you was based on their letters to each other and I think it was published quite recently? What a life!
    Gorgeous pics Jem x

  2. Oh what beautiful pictures! I haven't heard of that book before, so must look out for it ~ the weather (2nd day of Winter here) is certainly conducive to curling up with a good book! Love Brenda

  3. Beautiful pictures - love all the glass wear! Scarlett x

  4. Love your pictures :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. That first book cover looks really familiar; The Penguin Book of English Romantic Verse? I’m sure I used to have that, along with all the Penguin poets series - well lots of them anyway. Talking of beautiful books, did you see the little gem I picked up on my blog? (see Pocket-money Perfection) It’s lovely to share these.

  6. you always took the most marvelous pictures, Jem! love how they become the centrepiece of the photo and oooohhh love the bookmark and those jars! xx Susan


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