Thursday 9 June 2011


A handful of photos I took with my iPhone today while wandering and coveting in some of Ashbourne's loveliest antique shops, little corners crammed with treasures I wanted to capture and share. 

This pewter frame caught my eye - as did the doily just visible beneath the desk set.

A tiny part of one jewellery cabinet out of the dozen full of beautiful pieces.

There were so many sigh worthy pieces of crockery but this turquoise trimmed coffee cup stood out.

An 1840s Royal Albert vase, too rich for my blood at £495 but what a looker!

Jem xXx


  1. You were only a few miles from me, you could have called for a cuppa! I LOVE Ashbourne!

  2. The turquoise cup and saucer is beautiful and the colours are striking. I've never been in a proper antique shop as yet, but may have a wander in one soon. Bx

  3. wow they are full of goodies, im always scared of looking at the price tag in antique shops - silly isnt it! Scarlett x

  4. Gosh what gorgeous things - love the frame too!

  5. dont u just loveee antique shops!! i must say that pewter frame caught my eyes too! gorgeous!! i'm in love with the coffee cup, what beautiful design and the jewellery..oooohh ahhhhh....lovely! i gotta say i almost got asthma attack knowing the vase's price hehehehe xx Susan

  6. Ooh what loveliness ~ thank you so much for sharing them with us too! (And thank you to the smart cookie who thought of putting a camera in a phone!) :) Love Brenda

  7. Look at all those goodies! Thanks for sharing!

  8. that R.A. vase is stunning Jem...even though I'm more of a 50's, 60's 70's girl I really like it (not the price tag though!)I think it's that delicious combo of pink and turquoise...I like that coffee cup too x

  9. A veritable Aladdin’s Cave of delights. What a pity market demand has led to such ridiculous overpricing (I blame ‘The Antiques Roadshow’). In the paper today there was a report of an auction where several jade ornaments were sold for more than the value of the stately home which housed them for 60 years. One lovely little deer went for £3.9 million - puts Scarlett’s Bambis into perspective! Keep hunting those charity shops you never know what you may find.

  10. How gorgeous is that turquoise!

    Victoria x

  11. Hello, passed from here and ....
    beautiful objects that you've photographed.
    I love the Derbyshire and the Peak District, in August
    I come again, and I think I'll go for a ride in that
    Antique Centre, thanks for the advice
    Good weekend
    Susy x

  12. Everything looks so delicate, I can imagine falling over in there and breaking everything. Enjoy the rest of the weekend, lots of lovely tea in beautiful cups?! x

  13. I love the cup and saucer too! I think people expect antique shops and markets to be very expensive but you can be surprised, especially when there are individual cabinets or units inside. I visited an antiques market in Hay on Wye last week and picked up some lovely bits for small change (almost!)

    K xx


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