Thursday 28 April 2011

Teacup Thursday

If you stop by regularly you'll know I'm a huge fan of anything blue and white, be it crockery or fabric.  There were several pretty cups and saucers in Cancer Research last week but none gave me the 'be still my beating heart' type feeling that these did.  

I say 'these' because I brought home two cups and two saucers in this pattern for £1.75 and was feeling mightily pleased with myself; here was my mistake.  They say pride comes before a fall and now I can tell you 'they' are right . . . . I was proudly taking them out of the cupboard and showing them to the fella (who seemed fairly unimpressed - seen one teacup seen them all) when I dropped a teacup and broke it.  It was tragic, and being an avid crockery hoarder/fondler I could have wept!

Still, I consoled myself with snapping this one for Teacup Thursday and making plans to reuse some of the broken fragments in a crafty way; 50/50 on whether that will work but it'll be fun having a whirl!

The surviving duo and lonely extra saucer, were made by Myott who were another of the Staffordshire potteries and have been dated as c1930s, I'm not sure how accurate that is but they definitely bear the signs of age with a little crazing (crackled effect under the glaze) here and there.  Weirdly though, I'm finding that I like the effect it gives!

'Where there's tea there's hope.' - Arthur W. Pinero

Take care,
Jem xXx


  1. Beautiful tea cup - eek about dropping one - i would have been upset too, but maybe you'll be fated to find another one of your travels. Scarlett x

  2. OH No! i would have wept too if i dropped a teacup, any teacup for that matter! forget the unimpressed fella you showed the teacup to, I absolutely adore the myott teacup you got there in the photos, in fact i was browsing ebay for blue and white teacup today! gorgeous color and pattern, it's so detailed in the photos, love it!! I cant wait to see what you did with the broken pieces, Jem! x Susan

  3. Arghhhhhhh noooooo!!dropping & breaking pretty things is horrible,but you never know,you might just replace it one day & the lonely saucer might not be so lonely!gorgeous pictures today.x

  4. Adoro la porcellana bianca e blu.Rosetta

  5. Oh no, that's so annoying. However, it does make your remaining cup and saucer more exclusive now, if that's any consolation!

  6. Hi Jem!
    Oh gosh, I did the same thing with a very, very old Blue Willow sugar bowl as I was trying to put it above my cupboards to display. The lid dropped and that was that. I guess things are just things though...glad to see you still have this one left :)
    Hope you have a great weekend~hugs,
    PS Thanks for the visit.

  7. gorgeous teacup i never seem to be able to find any pretty tea cups in my local charity shops but im sure i'll come across one 1 day lol
    As for dropping one noooooo i would of cried eeek

  8. aww very pretty! I hate breaking china

    Did you ever read the story of the willow pattern? sad but beautiful

  9. Yes, so upsetting when you break a nice piece of china. Been there, done that. Hope you can rescue it.

  10. Men! most dont get it unless they have the same bug as us.Maybe you can start a lovely mosaic starting with the one you sadly broke

  11. I love to shop English charity thrift shops! I cheer your great bargain prices, and I understand your frustrartion over the loss of your pretty teacup.

  12. Great quote from Mr Pinero Jem, I'm so sorry about the teacup. I'm slightly clumsy...things like that happen to me all the time. Still upsetting though.

  13. I love transferware. That is so cute. I miss the charity shops!!!


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