Wednesday 2 March 2011

Pretty Bow Brooch

This little amber-coloured bow brooch was an absolute must-have for me the moment I saw it on eBay, it went onto my watch list and I checked it's progress far more frequently than necessary to see whether it had been bid out of my strict price budget and luckily, as a last minute sniper, I got it for the bargain sum of around £4 including postage.  I'm a huge fan of vintage brooches as not only do they tend to be infinitely prettier than anything I've found in high street shops they are also incredibly versatile; you can pretty up noticeboards, turn them into magnets, of course accessorise an outfit but also add sparkle to a cushion.

The dangling gem on this particular brooch lends itself to being popped onto the lapel of a military style blazer I have, or perhaps being converted to a pendant, either way I see it getting plenty of use as time goes on!  I believe it stated in the listing that the brooch is 1940s and certainly fits with the land girl aesthetic of the period, as in the first pic I can well imagine it being pinned to a tweedy sort of fabric but whether 60 years old or 6 I love the sense of understated glamour about it.  

Take care, 
Jem xXx


  1. It's beautiful, good bargin!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. oh its lovely - well done on getting it. Ive lost out on so many items in the past that my friend has introduced me to a snipe tool to use - and its been really successful, also means I can set a limit on how much to spend and not get carried away. Scarlett x

  3. Love amber - love the shades it can take depending on the light. I've become your newest follower. Great blog.

  4. Oh I love that, so pretty! *runs off to ebay*

  5. That is really pretty and timeless, and well done on the price - I love sniping 'live' but at least using a tool like Lotsnipe means you don't get that feeling of immanent heart-attack! (Or is that just me?)

    I've just bought a couple of vintage sparkly brooches which are destined to become part of a feather fascinator for my hair.

  6. PS. Am now following you. You obviously have the same compulsion to acquire old stuff and then write about it as I do!

  7. Oh that broach is just darling, I love it! :)

    Just catching up on your previous posts, so many pretty things...! Sorry I've not been around much to comment xxx


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