Saturday 26 March 2011

Hanging Hearts

I hold up my hand and fully admit I'm rather late to this party, where have little hanging hearts been all my life and how did I not come across them sooner?!  I picked up a distressed wood heart in a local home shop a few weeks ago for £3 and it seems to have kicked off a mini obsession as I've been scouring the web for them ever since and can't seem to get enough of seeing them on blogs, in other people's homes and in shop windows! 

The heart above that kicked off the preoccupation; stylised and artfully distressed with rough, natural twine attached. 

This little lavender filled heart was a Folksy buy, I loved the fabric, the simple embroidery and the softer shaped silhouette.

This heart was £2.50 from a local cafe which also sells flowers and seasonal gifts, it's actually rather  Christmassy in colour now I think about it!

I really need to have a go at making my own!

Take care,
Jem xXx


  1. Hey Jem, this has got absolutely nothing to do with hearts but I read this quote today and thought you might like it...

    "life is like a cup of tea...
    its all in how you make it..."

    (can't rmember where I read it.sorry) x

  2. I'm obsessed with hearts as well, those are lovely! love the distressed heart on your post, the lavender filled heart has a lovely fabric as well as the red one, i've been making hearts cushion hangers and some I bought on ebay and seem like i cant get enough of them as well! Have a great weekend, Jem! x Susan

  3. these are so so lovely Jem.your house must be so nicely accessorized! You should so put up a house tour!! love the wooden distressed heart the most.x

  4. Hi Jem!
    I added the link to by blog where my husband found those tea cup stands!

  5. I'm liking the VintageAppreciator's suggestion of a house tour!!! Oh go on!!

  6. Another heart lover here :o) Although my little hearts have to fight for room with all my other treasures lol. Your photos are as beautiful as ever (yes I probably am going to keep saying this one every comment as its true!!) Scarlett x

  7. I have quite a few lavender ones I made, although they are mainly hidden in the wardrobe. I do have a distressed metal one hanging off my dresser dresser though x

  8. Hanging hearts are such a cute and cheap way to add a little something to door handles etc aren't they.

    Victoria xx

  9. I especially love that distressed heart, I can understand why it kick started your obsession! I'd love some of those for my kitchen, I'll have to see if I can find similar locally.

    Thanks for your comments on my kitchen! I'm really pleased with the blackboard, just struggling to find somewhere more sensible to move it to at the moment (or maybe I need to permanently wear sky scraper heels so I can reach!) x

  10. Sorry just realised I mixed your comment up with someone elses...hence the blackboard ramblings! *blonde*

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks coffee and toast duties are classed as hard work ;) x

  11. I have lots of hearts too! How pretty are these?! X

  12. You are so right - hanging hearts are everywhere. I was nodding along thinking 'yes, i've just noticed those too' - because I saw a very pretty oatmeal "bonjour" one on Etsy - when i realised no, i was in fact infiltrated by these cute interlopers a few years ago and have a hanging wooden heart on a wall!

  13. oh, I meant to say - gorgeous blog!

  14. I love that first heart. They are all so pretty, but the first heart really captured MY heart. Thanks so much for linking these lovely treasures to Favorite Things. (I don't think the red one looks too Christmasy - after all, a heart is red). laurie


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