Sunday 13 March 2011

Charity Shop Find

Locally there are 5 charity shops I visit on a regular basis, anyone who does similar will know that some tend to be best for paperbacks or clothes while others seem to be teeming with pretty things for the home.  I don't buy absolutely everything for our house second hand but I prefer to wherever possible and had been resisting the charms of a brand new sweetie dish/bonboniere/trinket jar in an online shop for quite some time.  I'd also been trawling the charity shops to no avail and had almost decided I'd give up and buy the jar online when I came across this little beauty in Cancer Research for £1.50; one of my quickest dashes to the checkout in history!

Having had a good scrub in hot water and Fairy Liquid it has come up a treat and will probably take up residence on my chest of drawers in the bedroom or sit and catch the light on one of my living room windowsills.

Hope you are all having a lovely Sunday,
Jem xXx


  1. That is lovely, what a bargain. I've just passed you a blog award - come to mine for details!

  2. Oh its beautiful - great find well done you! Also Im so pleased Lakota passed on the award to you - so well deserved. Scarlett x

  3. Aren't charity shops great??? Wish there were more around here...

  4. If you didnt tell me the price, I would think it's expensive! it does look expensive! I know how you feel, coz i've been looking at charity shops for a cake stand, anything as long as it's for a cake but to no avail and i saw in ebay, it's quite expensive, i'm tempted coz i need it as i've been learning baking these days, Thank you so much for the info on the collar on my dresses is called "Peterpan", i wouldnt know as i dont know anything about fashion and still new in this country :) Nice to meet you and congrats as well for the award from Scarlett! x (i'm your newest follower)

  5. Oh what a beautiful glass trinket jar! I love the thrill of finding something so lovely it can make your heart skip, I think you have found it here! B:)x

  6. I've just found you via Scarlett. You have a beautiful blog. Loved reading about your finds. Adore the trinket jar.

  7. Just wanted to say I love this blog! Really like all the gorgeous finds you post. I came across you when I clicked on the link from a comment you left on my Intimate Elopement post on Love My Dress, thanks by the way ;)

  8. Hi Jem!
    What a lovely little dish. You really never know what you'll find!!


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